Powerwand Non-Instructions

Voila! This is the powerwand, invented by Don and Carol Croft. It contains powerful orgonite, and it basicly dispels and disables anybody with a predatory thought form/process! It is amazing,..Although Don and Carol Croft have used it successfully on the CIA/NSA nasty spies, you can use it whenever you are being spirually or physically/psycicly attacked. Got dark side invaders? send ’em with the powerwand. It works.

Basicly, orgone will correct to the level needed. Say a person is not that evil; it matches up with them for the highest good of all. If a person has absolutely evil intent, they will get literally ill from this device. We can really do alot of good with this device in a few adept hands!

My mom’s experience: She was attached phsycicly by an abusive lady. Although she used a shaman’s help to ‘come back into’ her body, she used the wand to successfully block that person from even entering her energy sheild. Then, later when she felt more attacks she was able to use the powerwand to focus her intentions and drive back whatever it was. She felt it leaving.

It is definatly able to give one insights in relationships, life etc. It is good, like Don says in the “Powerwand Non-instructions” to use your IMAGINATION; not some regimented strict guidlines.

Anyway….read all about it!


Read about it here more: (http://CTbusters.com) and below article from


Powerwand Non-instructions –

Updated June 6, 2003

[Editor’s Note: The instructions for making the Powerwand were given in Episode 52 of Don’s Adventures series. The original set of instructions to use the Powerwand was presented in Episode 62. A variation on the Powerwand developed by Mark Hooten called the Shiva was given in Episode 54. This update is the latest updated version from Don & friends about Powerwand usage…Ken Adachi]

Adventures of Don & Carol Croft Index

By Don Croft <terminator3@turbonet.com>
June 6, 2003

I very rarely see or feel energy, so don’t feel like a chump if you don’t, either, okay?

The real performers with these devices are our imaginations and all of us have one of those. Please don’t underestimate the power of your own imagination! The crystal-based devices that Carol and I developed, also Mark Hooten’s Shiva and some new creations of other folks, including Larry in Japan, Gale in Texas and Gerard in Australia, access and amplify the latent power of our imaginations so all we need to do is convince our ego-based doubts and fears to step aside and let the rest of us do what needs to be done these days to prevent the world’s gang of tyrants from committing mayhem and genocide as they exit history’s stage. Don’t worry—if your target is not guilty he/she won’t experience anything more than a vague discomfort and if the target is innocent the energy will likely feel good to him/her. That’s how this new technology works.

When I use my PW to disable a secret police predator or other tyrannical miscreant or enabler, I sometimes imagine that I’m standing knee deep in water with the raging ocean behind me. I imagine the ‘recipient’ about to get a huge wave of orgone crashing over him/her. I feel the water recede all the way down to my feet, rushing out toward where my a** end is facing as a tsunami builds up. I do this on a slow inbreath as I ‘feel’ the water receding away from the shore until I’m standing on wet sand. Then, as I exhale, the wall of water/orgone that has reached an incredible height right behind me on its way to the beach hits the target who is standing in its path. I feel it all over the front of my body as a sort of outward pressure in this case. Carol says that really freaks them out or kills them, depending on their threat (to humanity) level. It always takes them by surprise, she says.

Another technique: I imagine my shapeshifting doppelganger, which is an immense black panther most of the time, prowling around the target, looking for an opportunity to pounce. If the targets are just some chump psychic agents or internet NSA hackers, he knocks them down and plays with them, as a cat does with a bird or mouse, and they get terrified beyond comprehension (my internet browser operates as it should from that moment, most often). If the target is a killer, I see the very hungry panther ripping his/her throat or guts out and I even imagine myself relishing it—I think that makes it more real for the target. Remember that we’re not making these determinations and if the imagined target is harmless (we all goof sometimes) nothing at all will happen except that I feel a little chagrinned. If I’m really off base, the target would feel a rush of nice energy, but so far my wife tells me my hunches have been pretty good.

In most cases, I get angry before I do the work. Righteous anger is like gasoline on a fire. If you think anger is always a bad thing, try to figure out how to disable the deep, long-term mental programming that was used to convince you of that, okay? You can bet those programmers don’t want you angry at them, and you may be angry at me for mentioning this, which is yet another evidence that you were programmed 😉 If you’re a new ager, your burning anger will be veiled by a smile and an expression of concern for me. You might be beyond redemption at that point, poor fellow.

Another one: As I breathe both in and out, I imagine spirals of bright orgone moving up through the target, spinning very fast. I spin them both ways, so it looks like a DNA molecular pattern.

I don’t know if any of the crystal-based devices will work if one is unwilling to use the imagination. Imagination gets a bad rap in our culture because of some pseudoscience and/or religious/ mental programming considerations. In fact all of the great discoveries were made by people with extremely active imaginations. It’s only when it gets out of hand or when drugs are used that the imagination tends to be fruitless, misleading and even harmful. I think a good imagination is also tied to one’s control of the ego. The ego, when out of line, always skews the imagination, sidetracks us and gets us false information, which is why I ignore channeling as a source of usable data.

Having said all that, you really need to find your own expression with these tools. We mustn’t institutionalize any of this work. Dominic in Australia gets good results with his Powerwand but he dislikes my approach, so I’m waiting for his treatise on this and will include that when I receive it.

If you have children, you might consider letting them use the devices for you, after having read them these instructions. Just don’t put any pressure on them and make sure that they don’t feel that they need to meet any of your expectations, okay? You can bet that most eight to thirteen year olds will instantly grasp these concepts and will go right to work with appropriate gusto. They’re probably more observant than you are, too, and will more quickly visualize the target and even the fed peekers, both physical and astral. Let them be your teachers. Children, unlike brain-compromised and heart-suppressed adults, can easily distinguish the stink of the presence of the secret police psychics and new age fake helpers from the fragrance of angelic and bonafide-benevolent Other visitors.

Here’s Cheri’s account about using her Powerwand and you can see that her approach is entirely different, though certainly as viable:

“I think I was psychically attacked night before last – my lower back was killing me, then my middle back. I got into bed about 8:30 at which point I got a sharp pain in my right side. I pushed it with my finger – sore – weird. My little PoWi [Powerwand] was on a dresser busily covering about 5 other things, but, from bed (in my mind), I just told it that if this was an attack by the dark side, would it please stop my pain and send it back to them tenfold, then on up the chain of command to the top. All pains were gone within 3 seconds. No Sh*t!!!!! So I’m keeping this PW and ordering a another one for my sister. This one’ll work great in sync with my Shiva – the bad boyz are goin’ down!!!!”

Powerwand Product Description


The Powerwand has a very new look.

The Powerwand is now plated with nickel and polished to an ultra high-gloss finish. They look like they came from a machine, but are 100% hand made.

These new Powerwands are resistant to staining and corrosion, they can be cleaned to a perfect shine with a dry, soft cloth, no chemicals needed. No worries involved in handling with your hands.

Thoroughly-tested for stain-resistance by me and all upgrades are approved by the Croft’s.

The Powerwand weighs six pounds and is 9″ x 3″. They contain a large quartz crystal that is wrapped with a Moebius coil that is powered by the same 15 Hz 555 circuit used in the Zapper and Succor Punch.The Orgonite matrix is made with clear polyester resin, aluminum and brass. Also icluded in the mix is emerald shist, garnet, pyrite, hematite and amethyst. A 9 volt battery is included with your Powerwand.

Andy’s simple explanation: The Powerwand is a Succor Punch on steroids. It is an extremely powerful device that channels your intentions through this and other dimensions such that your influence occurs everywhere at once! It’s best to carry a Succor Punch on your person when using it to cloak, a Powerwand will do it from your home, no need to carry it around. To program it simply turn it on, place your dominate hand over the crystal and say out loud your intentions. Your declaration is being applied to a scaler wave that is powerful, yet has no programming, no pattern, like white noise. Your intentions impart onto that wave and radiate out, everywhere. Don says the Powerwand was originally designed to deal with predators but it’s proved to be so much more.

Here’s Don’s description of the device:

The Powerwand is a synergistic combination of the Succor Punch and metal/resin matrix in a copper tube, special minerals added. I owe the basic idea to Bruce Stenulson, Ben Morton and Suze Hooten, who made previous combinations of the two components.

This device, though, is specifically designed to disable predators. We made it available after we ascertained that no person who is not exhibiting murderous behavior will be harmed by it. For those who have chosen a destructive and exploitive path in life, the energy from this device easily prevents them from doing harm to others. Without getting too specific, it apparently dissembles anyone who identifies strongly with a predatory thoughtfrom. This seems to happen without any conscious thought or will from the operator other than to prevent the target from doing harm. The energy is intelligently directed to create a balance within that person, however that may be accomplished. I see its action as a function of natural law, not as judgement from us or an inappropriate use of personal power.

I tested it first on myself, of course. At full blast, my energy sensitive wife, Carol, only say cobalt-blue energy flowing all over the outside of my body. It felt awfully nice.

We did a series of tests after that for friends among the active members of the cloudbuster forum from around the world who were under attack by the NSA, the Montauk consortium and other predatory agencies because of their successful atmosphere-healing and awareness work.

It’s not necessary for a person to be psychic to use this. I know that because I was able to get the same apparent results without my wife, Carol’s, help as with it in most cases.

In those cases, I did the work, then told Carol about it and asked her to look at the results. There are some others who can do this astral looking, of course, but if you decide to hook up with a person who is talented this way, make sure he or she has an adequately strong character and spiritual integrity first if you want reliable data.

If you perceive a threat, simply turn the Powerwand on and imagine the energy going to the source of the threat. Just the same as with the Succor Punch, there’s no distance barrier and no entity can hide or shield from this energy.

Unlike the Succor Punch, though, this device has the ability to do more than just stop the predatory activity. What’s remarkable, but not surprising, is that as we move up the chain of command we encounter people who are more and more bloodstained and bloodthirsty. Needless to say we haven’t encountered many elected officials in these food chains. About half of them here are Men in Black, military officers and secret brotherhood adepts, though of course the first two categories are nearly always in the third one, too, and at that level it indicates regular human sacrifice, including infants.

These are the folks who now run the world. Stopping them in any moment is stopping a monstrously big crime in progress, since the world order is intent on killing most of the people on the planet right now, and they’ve killed countless millions already with starvation, warfare, poisoning, plagues, and mass executions throughout the world.

Carol and I truly believe that a small number of Powerwands in willing hands will terrify and dissemble the entire predatory apparatus in fairly short order so that we can have our governments back. Without the sponsorship of these predators, who literally own ALL elected officials right now through extortion, bribery and other manipulations, these politicians will be answerable to nobody but us, at last. Think of the implications.

As with the cloudbusters, this is your invitation to experience your deserved level of personal freedom and responsibility. Since I know that it simply won’t work inappropriately in the hands of anyone who isn’t ready to accept responsibility for it, I feel justified in making it available to the open market.

We haven’t explored the healing potentials of the Powerwand yet, but judging from what I felt when I turned it on myself, I suspect that it will be a powerful tool for rejuvenation and healing on many levels.


From: http://educate-yourself.org/dc/adc62pwnoninstructions24apr03.shtml

[Editor’s Note: Yesterday, I had lunch with Ted Gunderson. On our way into the restaurant, I stopped in the parking lot to show Ted how easy it was to dissipate a cloud using the Visual Ray, a technique I learned from Trevor James Constable‘s book, The Cosmic Pulse of Life. Since we’ve been seeing real clouds of late, I wanted Ted to experience the same thrill that I felt when I first tried Visual Ray cloudbusting in that very parking lot about 3 years ago, having only read about the technique in Trevor’s book. I pointed to a nice puffy, cotton ball cloud and said that it would evaporate in about 3 minutes or less. As I eyeballed the cloud, Ted asked me what I was doing and wanted to know if he could join in. I said “sure”. I told him what I was doing and within 90 seconds that cloud had completely disappeared. Ted was ecstatic! He couldn’t get over it. He had never, in his wildest imagination, thought that it was possible to do something as seemingly ‘magical’ as that and he kept shaking his head repeating the word ‘amazing’ as we walked into the restaurant.

I relate this anecdote because Don Croft is also doing something seemingly ‘magical’ with easy-to-make orgone generators, the Powerwand being the latest evolutionary development in anti-parasite technology. If you’ve been keeping up with the last 12 or 13 episodes of his Adventures series, you know just how effective the Powerwand (and its Hootenized cousin, the Shiva) has been in neutralizing, crippling, or, in some cases, evaporating those forces opposed to peace, brotherhood, freedom, and good will. Don keeps repeating to the reader that you can do the same things he is doing in his Adventures episodes, if you are but willing to engage. Like Visual Cloudbusting, you’ll never experience the thrill (and benefits) of astral jousting with orgone toys –unless you try it.

Think about it for a minute. Imagine that you had access to Aladin’s Lamp and could get the Genie to give you ‘capabilities’ to thwart and abort high tech, un evolved souls dedicated to a negative, destructive agenda directed towards you and your fellow man. You could employ these ‘magical toys’ from the comfort of your living room and never expose yourself to direct physical danger or engage in mortal physical combat. The ‘action’ takes place in your mind, with the assistance and amplification afforded by the orgone toys (and unseen, higher dimensional beings engaging the ‘un evolved ones’). Your magical toy is self governing by design: it can only harm those who are engaged in the business of harming others. The degree of pain inflicted by your toy is proportional to the level of evil to which your target has sunk. Those who are newbies to the game of fascist enslavement get a bad headache and are otherwise made to wish they were engaged in some other type of work. The bosses, the planners, and the really nasty ‘enforcers’, usually suffer a more harrowing fate. Now, wouldn’t that be neat? Well, that’s precisely what’s taking place. Mind you, Don & company are often going after the ‘heavies’ and Big Boys of the NWO Police State. These are the ‘people’ who will be handing out orders to the dumbed-down military and police pawns when they kick in their martial law/roundup/concentration camp scenario. What if a large percentage of these ‘people’ became incapacitated in some way and couldn’t carry on their work? What would other negative cohorts do if they started to notice that their all-powerful bosses and planners with their invincible, high tech/black magic technologies, began to drop out of sight? Would that begin to worry them? Would they become concerned that they might be next and maybe think about looking for another line of work? You bet your boots!

If there’s one thing you can absolutely plan on when dealing with an un-evolved, Service-To-Self entity, it’s their desire for self preservation. Make the kitchen hot enough and these guys will jump ship faster than you can say “Osama bin Laden did it!” (By the way, have you noticed how completely and utterly Mr. Bin Laden, the ‘architect’ of the WTC bombing and raison d’etre for the U. S. government to launch a blitzkrieg bombing attack against the impoverished people of rubble strewn Afghanistan, has fallen from the corporate media/White House spotlight? Even the next evil arab who was declared responsible for the WTC attack, Saddam Hussein, has now fallen from the limelight. Now it’s a toss up as to who will next take up the Demon’s Crown. Will it be the president of Syria, the leadership of Iran, or the leader of North Korea? Also, do you think Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Kissinger draw straws or play ‘janken’ to decide? …But I stray too far.)

Isn’t it wiser to ‘retire’ these upper level people now, while we still have the freedom and opportunity, before the martial law scenario? If enough people make or buy a Powerwand of their own-and use it– there won’t be a martial law scenario. It’s like deploying Don’s Chembuster or a Tower Buster: once you see for yourself just how well these orgone generators work to clear the sky or neutralize ELF towers, you wind up asking yourself: “why did I wait so long?” …Ken Adachi]


more on orgonite: http://www.whale.to/b/orgonite.html

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